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Generally, scuba divers will employ the services of a dive guide when visiting a new location, and so they should. Not only does it support the industry, lead to safe diving practices and create income for the local community, but it also takes full advantage of their local knowledge. Thus ensuring you see the best of the scuba diving on offer during your adventure.

The same can be said for your pre-trip planning and booking procedures. Here at Nomadic Scuba, we have a personal relationship with our operators and know that they can deliver the goods when we create your booking. Beyond that, we love to share our advice so if you are potentially unsure on where to go, how to get there and which type of diving is for you, then get in touch.

Liveaboard vessel, blue seas and green islands


A liveaboard vessel is specifically designed to accommodate scuba divers who wish to explore the reefs that may not be accessible from shore. Many divers will double-down and spend some time on a liveaboard and tag on a few days at a local resort too.

Alami Alor sun deck Indonesia


Resorts provide guests with the opportunity to dive, relax on the shore, rest up in your room or even explore the local community. Daily dive schedules will be available so that you can plan what to do the next day. It's a good idea to pre-purchase a block of dives before you go. Ask us how.

Nomadic Scuba Thai expedition - Similan Islands

Pro-led Expeditions

Nomadic Scuba plans expeditions for varying sized groups to well-known dive locations around the world. These expeditions suit any recreational diver wishing to dive and socialise with like-minded people

Training & certification

Yay! everybody needs some form of training. We can hook you up with a variety of dive operators, in various locations around the world. Not sure which course is for you, or which agency? Get in touch and ask, we'll share our opinions as multi-agency dive professionals and help you reach the right conclusions for your needs.

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Save the pennies for scuba gear. We keep up to date with operators so you don't have to.


With decades in the dive industry, our network is vast. We have the knowledge and the contacts to deliver the goods.

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Payments shouldn't be difficult, so with Nomadic Scuba they are not. We offer a variety of payment options

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