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Minke Season

Minke Whale on the GBR
Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Minke whale swims on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) are a unique and rare opportunity for those interested in these magnificent creatures. The GBR is the only known migration point for minke whales where humans can safely swim with them, offering a chance to observe these fascinating creatures up close. Minke whales are known to be naturally curious creatures, and the likelihood of sightings and interactions with them is extremely high.

This experience provides not only the opportunity to observe these magnificent animals in their natural habitat, but also a deeper appreciation for the ocean and its inhabitants. However, it is important to keep in mind that all interactions with wildlife, including swimming with whales, should be done responsibly and with the well-being of the animals in mind. It is recommended to participate in whale swimming experiences only with certified and responsible tour operators who follow strict guidelines to minimise disturbance to the whales and ensure the safety of both the animals and the humans in the water.

Which is a nice segue to introduce my good buddy and your trip guide, Martin Connolly.  Martin is the co-founder of Scuba IQ and has spoken passionately on the Scuba GOAT podcast about the Great Barrier Reef and minke whales. Have a listen. Swimming with minke whales starts 15 minutes into the show.


2nd-7th July 2023

5 Nights departing Sunday 2nd July from Cairns aboard the MV Argo.

This itinerary is carefully designed to focus on swimming with whales.

Return to Cairns Friday 7th July.  Full itinerary available on request.





Your hosts & guides

Martin is joined by Kyte Gawman who is a dive professional with extensive experience on the Great Barrier Reef.

With these two on board, along with the highly skilled boat crew and staff, you will benefit from their collective local knowledge and experience.

Crowded GBR

Max 12

Bespoke small tour

By law, each operator can only allow 12 swimmers in the water at any given time with the whales.  

While this vessel accommodates 16 guests, we are limiting numbers to 12 meaning you don’t have to queue for your turn in the water. 

Minke Whale on the GBR


3 options available

Club Cabin $3905

Twin Cabin $4120

Premium Cabin $4490

All prices are based upon shared cabins and are per person.

See below for a full description.


Reserve during February and receive

5% discount!

Twin Cabin

Twin Cabin

1 cabin available
$ 3914 per person
  • 2 bunk beds
  • Ample storage
  • Air conditioning
  • Shared bathroom
Club Cabin

Club Cabin

2 cabins available
$ 3709 per person
  • up to 3 guests per cabin
  • 1 double and 2 bunks
  • Shared bathroom
  • Air conditioning
Premium Cabin

Premium Cabin

1 cabin (Min 2 guests)
$ 4266 per person
  • 1 double and 2 single bunks
  • ensuite bathroom
  • Air conditioning
  • Ample storage

Minkes with Martin

Added bonus of scuba diving

By law we can only swim with the Whales, however, we do plan some scuba dives in between the planned swims. The only operator to do so.

Easy booking process

Nomadic Scuba & Scuba IQ are dive buddies, so work together to create a seamless and efficient booking process for you.

Exemplary service

With a maximum of 12 guests per trip you are guaranteed the best service on offer and will not be restricted by max numbers in the water.

Multiple currencies

At Nomadic Scuba we have you covered. We can provide multi-currency deposit options, so why not pay in your home currency.

Shout out to Scuba IQ & Angelina Pilarinos Photography for the great pictures


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